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Silk screening

Custom Labels for Electronic Components

Phoenix Companies completes the task of manufacturing fully finished, quality enclosures or custom products by offering silk-screening. Silk screening is a process that provides required labeling for connectors, switches, ports, etc. Additionally, silk screening can personalize your orders. We can create special graphics such a company logos, product identifier graphics, etc.

Our silk-screening process utilizes the latest in screen preparation technology and durable epoxy based inks, ensuring a high resolution and quality finish. Phoenix Companies, LLC, stocks a variety of standard colors, and can provide custom colors upon request.

The clarity of silkscreen can be greatly affected by the texture of powder coat used. Generally for best results, it is recommended you use a smooth finish. Silkscreen will work on various textures and colors but each situation is unique. Therefore, this may require modifications to your silkscreen such as changing the fonts and thickening fine lines.

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To learn more about our custom label, finishing and silk screening services, or the additional services we provide, please contact Phoenix Companies today!

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