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Machine shop sandblasting Services

The Perfect Finish for Custom Enclosures 

At Phoenix, we have many capabilities when it comes to grinding and sandblasting. We have a wide array of grit sizes and sandblasting media for all size parts. With our highly trained staff and diverse array of equipment, we should have no problem accommodating your grinding and/or sandblasting needs!


This method strips a surface of paint, rust, dirt, grease or any other foreign material using a high pressure "blast" of sand or glass beads. At Phoenix, we take proper measures of sandblasting in a safe and well-regulated manner. Sandblasting can also be used in our Metal ROtation Mold Process (put link to Mold page here). In addition to preparing for coating operations, sandblasting can be used to rejuvenate a surface, add a matte finish or create a weathered look.

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To learn more about our custom PCB enclosure, grinding and sandblasting services, or the additional services we provide, please contact Phoenix Companies today!

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